It’s already possible for us to travel to most countries in the European Union without being stopped or checked at the border. But physical borders are not the only borders known to Europe. The numerous inequalities in the European Union create economic and societal borders that can be a obstacles for many. We stand for more solidarity and exchange in Europe. We can only really do away with borders if we also overcome the borders in our minds.

Sadly, under the pressure of strong changes – be they increased migration or the social and economic-humanitarian crisis in southern Europe – the EU is threatened to fall apart. In most countries, governments once again rely on national solutions. These kinds of national egoisms show how brittle our Europe really is. Instead of overcoming national borders and creating a society open to all, internal borders get strengthened and an external border responsible for the death of thousands is built.

As matter-of-course as these open borders may seem for us, the current developments show us just how fragile they really still are. Right-wing movements are gaining strenght and rear their ugly head all over Europe. Whether it’s PEGIDA in Germany, the Front National in France or the pan-European «Identity Movement», they’re all conjoined by their views of a Europe without solidarity and exchange – Instead, they promote Nationalism and borders.

Our idea of Europe is a different one. For us, it doesn’t matter if you’re from Germany or Hungary, if you were born in Europe or moved here later. Because of that, we take a clear stand against rasism. Also sexism, trans- and homophobia and antisemitism does not have a place among ourselves.