We, europe beyond division (short beyond), want to develop and further strategies for a future without borders. With the European Union, Europe already took a leap in this direction, but that’s not sufficient for us. We want a Europe free of borders, both on the map and in our minds.

Therefore our focus lies on political youth work and international networking. We organize educational events and gatherings with the goal to break down superfluous borders and dare new things.

On our yearly Openmind conferences, we explore new thematic constellations and develop new visions for the future.
Within Europe, we are part of the Young Pirates of Europe and stay in close touch with organizations from all over the continent. In this context, we organize many events, camps, meetings and opportunities for exchange with youths from different countries.

On all of these events we act as an independent, not-for-profit organization without ties to any political parties.

Sound good? Want to get involved?